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Photo by kazuend on Unsplash

The King of the Sunrise
A protector revered
Oft sought to advise
His power widely feared

The King of the Moonlight
Rules no one and nothing
Though he’s not quite as bright
His light is never waning

As the daylight shines, the people praise
He who brought them life in golden rays
The great and shining King of the Sunrise
Without whom they would surely meet demise

Yet as night falls and darkness waxes
The land withers and burns to ashes
The people cry in desperation
“Grant us your divine salvation”

Yet the King of the Sunrise sits on his throne
Ashamed and afraid of what he has sown
His power is not to bring the light alone
His sails are by it’s gentle rising blown

The King of the Moonlight, with hope invoked
Rides forth into battle, in pale light cloaked
By darkness or light his fire is stoked
In times of crisis his power evoked

The King of the Moonlight charges into action
Till evil is gone
The King of the Sunrise lies on the horizon
Waiting for the dawn

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